We  have decided to bring some small items from our Irish shop PeriodPieces for our Uniontown studio.  We will place items in local shops also.  John has gotten some of our authentic Victorian tiles to bring over and I have bagged up some of the pens and beautiful candle holders he has made on the lathe.  Woods are all local from here in Ireland.

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Hopefully, we will be able to bring two paintings from John Gerad Kehoe..a welll know local Wexford artist…who just happens to be a neighbor.  Mr. Kehoe has had some of this paintings in very prominent Dublin buildings and also has many other in local busness establishements in the Wexford area.  The local physican has two gorgeous paintings in his surgery.

Mr Kehoe has painted in many genre but now has settled into an expressionistic style with heavy use of a pallete knife.  We have two local cottage scenes I hope we can fit into our suitcases.

Here are two links to the Wexford County Council Art Collection in public buildings of a painting called the Pikemen by Mr Kehoe

The link below lists a private collection with multiple p[aintings by Mr Kehoe which are now offerred for sale with painting ranging from  €600 to €1800

A recent small expressionistic painting of Mr Kehoe titled a beach in Wexford sold recently for €500.00

 Leaving this weekend….see u soon.

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