I really am not getting much traffic on this blog.  Really have to learn how to manage and operate social media better- a bit difficult when you were not brought up with it.  I used a computer most of my work years- I mainly did research online- mostly medical research for about 25 years so was quite use to searching- but again very specific area- Used Windows packages for reports and in those days- power point but this is very different now.

We travel between Ireland and Ohio USA and John has a wood shop in both places- makes wood furniture – he was a carpenter with his own business in Dublin for many years- now retired  but use to working so the the furniture making seemed a natural progression- he also had an antique – old fireplaces mostly shop…We both love antiques and collectibles – junk shop diving so a natural progression.  BUT seems you need a shop- a physical location to sell the large furniture items he is use to making.

I tried to find someone to share a shop…someone with a shop who would let us rent a corner and even consignment.  A small bit of success with consignment but not enough.  My Etsy Shop [ Redesign Antiques}

has had the most success and the most “hits” or traffic but die to the size of the items[ postage was $400 alone to ship a wood end table to California].  I get someone who likes an item almost daily and that does my heart good to know someone likes the table.

So now going to try new tactics- first earn this media better…seek advise on what to use and how to use it…..keep on trying.


I am going to try to post more frequently——I’ll also post here about the Irish collectibles and the Irish American genealogy…so  it will be a bit eclectic but……




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