I’m afraid I don’t know much about blogging, webpages, etc.  I come from a Medical-Legal research background and used a computer for this—a very different animal

I have wanted to open an online- store for my partner’s furniture making skills and my love of genealogy.  We cannot have a local physical store- we travel between USA Ohio and Wexford Ireland routinely..I tried consignment but am really on the lookout for a local shop that will rent me space.

That said, I have started a blog, John made a ton of furniture, I went around to local shops trying to sell items, tried selling on Craigs list & Ebay, …opened an Etsy shop, which of all the trials- this was the most productive BUT the large furniture pieces were way  TOOO expensive to ship….and we had problems selling on Craig’s list….so I have tried this formate after seeing great sites such as Refunk my Junk, Miss Mustard Seed, and Nesting, and others.

I am currently trying to set up a new theme on WordPress, which I knew what I was doing but I will muddle along.  See you soon.


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