Minton Tile- Gothic Block-Pugin Design

Pugin, famous designer for Minton’s China works Pottery in Stoke- On – Trent Staffordshire, Eng.  Cc1880.

A.W. Pugin is called the father of Gothic Revival.  He was a famous English architect, designer, author and critic. His designs can be seen in many cathedral in England and Europe and also in the United States Capital Building . Thomas and Hebert Minton used his designs for years.

There is a real richness in this tile- repeating Gothic print as seen in Minton’s catalogue…very clean tile. You can clearly see the Embossed Walbrook badge as well as the Minton China Works legend on the back.  Of course, there is some minor sooting from prior use in a fireplace but the tile is in remarkably great depth of colors, bright, the glaze brilliant.

Hand made oak frame with metal attachment at top- perfect for display on your wall.

A true collectors item.



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